Monday, 25 June 2018

Do We Care About Orgasmatrons for Dormice?

Found my orgasmatron! It was hidden in the deep recesses of my sock and jock drawer...

The thing is that it doesn't seem to have the same effect as it used to. Could that be the result of having been married for 2 years?

All this kerfuffle about Trump's immigration policy - it's a mess on both sides of the debate.

Uncontrolled immigration is a problem - you can't just have open doors on all and sundry as that's a recipe for disaster and a welcome mat for the far right to get attention. The economy, infrastructure, jobs would all be threatened. Any immigration has to be controlled and planned - plus you need to know who is in the country and why.

Now Trump's policy, since rescinded, to separate the children of illegals from their parents, while a deterrent, is not humane. It's not the fault of the kids and you shouldn't punish the innocent to punish the guilty parents, who are after all, illegal immigrants. Personally I can't see anything wrong with Trump's plan for a proper, hard border - a wall, if necessary. We have the equivalent of a wall in the UK - it's called The Channel and it acts as a deterrent to illegal immigration. Those entering the country legally have to go through immigration control at airports and seaports - absolutely nothing wrong with that. If they're refugees, then there are legal processes and procedures for that.

Those on the left, however, don't seem to have any solution to the problem whatsoever and would be quite happy, by listening to them, for illegals to be given every assistance, as if they were legal immigrants. Now I don't like thin end of the wedge arguments, as they're not always valid, but in this instance it is - it would simply encourage increasing waves of uncontrolled, illegal immigration.

Hay went on one of her nature volunteer things yesterday morning - something to do with dormouse training, or counting, or something. She sent me a photo of these two fast asleep.

I think she's a certified dormouse tamer now, although I can't be certain.

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