Sunday, 17 June 2018

Fathers' Day Scythe for Criminals

Apparently, according to The Sunday Times, less that 5% of all robberies and burglaries are solved. Now given fully 50% of business start-ups fail, I'm surprised more people aren't turning to a career in crime. Heard that Savid Javid is working on a plan to give police more powers to tackle motorcycle thieves - I wonder what additional powers they require beyond the power to arrest thieves? Sounds like more vacuous statements from a government in crisis.

Fathers' Day today. No use to me now, I was completely orphaned in my late 50s.

The scything course was excellent and I learned a lot. For a start, an Austrian scythe is much easier to handle than an English scythe. Secondly, it's best to scythe grass when it's slightly wet. Thirdly, keep it very sharp by honing it often.

Here's me attacking the grass with gusto.

I think I handled it rather well.

This is the Austrian scythe.

Peening the blade with a special gadget.

Here's a video of our tutor showing the correct technique.

I did, however, become aware of another grass cutting tool for long grass - the Allen scythe. Here's a particularly well looked after example. They're generally at least 40 years old.

I may just go on one of their hedge laying courses next.

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