Thursday, 21 June 2018

United Ireland on Rollerblades?

The nights are drawing in... Well, someone had to say it.

Apparently the British Ambassador to Romania was greeted at an event in Romania with a British flag that was so out of date in its design that it was last used in 1801 - it was missing the saltire of St Patrick, as shown in the photo below.

One wonders, with the situation over Northern Ireland and Brexit, whether this presages something and the Romanians have inside information....

OK - don't laugh - you're never too old to learn and 63 is an ideal age to learn a new skill, such as rollerblading, as my scything course last week proved.

Didn't fall over once in the entire 30 minute practice session, although I came near to it a few times. Stopping is still a bit of a problem, which is why I used the local kids' skate park - much safer environment than the pavement - and it being term time there are no kids there.

However, I got back home and donned the skates to show Hay my new balancing ability and promptly fell over just outside the door, twisting my leg painfully against the wall in the process. Had I been on the skate park I'd merely have landed on my arse. Doubtless the injured knee will heal quickly - no permanent damage - although there will be no more skating for a few days.

I discovered that skating is much easier if you relax your feet, instead of tensing them in anticipation of a fall. My intention is, once the knee has fixed itself, to do between 30 minutes and an hour per day till I get fully confident. I did have the idea of using my walking poles while gaining confidence, but the hand protectors preclude grasping anything. Might wear gloves instead so I can grasp the poles.

Wonder if anyone has thought of combining rollerblading and scything into a new competitive sport?

Next week the Chairman will learn how to pole vault....

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