Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Private Hands & Hair

I heard a rather asinine statement from an John Glen, MP, on the radio yesterday morning. He said, in relation to RBS, that banks are better in private hands. Does he realise exactly why RBS was taking into government hands in the first place? Does he forget who caused the global financial crisis? This man is Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister, for God's sake. Economic amnesia, as a friend put it.

I was lamenting the profusion of ear and nose hair, not to mention back hair, with a friend of roughly the same age as me and it suddenly struck me that hair sprouting from unexpected places is the over 60s' equivalent of teenage acne. He commented that there should be places that provide Brazilians for noses and ears.

The RHS is apparently conducting a scientific trial of several traditional anti-slug remedies. I'd have thought the simple solution is a sign warning slugs off the veg patch.

I have reached the conclusion that I shouldn't be allowed near a tin of tomatoes while wearing anything white. For that matter, I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near bleach while wearing something couloured - especially when trying to get the red stain of tomato juice from something white in the sink.

Is it just coincidence that Brexiteers are a Simple Majority, or is it a statement of inalienable truth? Brexit is now the windmill in Animal Farm. Everything must be dedicated to its erection and if in the end it does not materialise in the exact way that disparate people wanted, but never planned for in the first place, it will be someone else’s fault. Our Normandy was when we joined the EU against opposition in '73 and Brexit is our Dunkirk - it's WWII (to use a Brexiteer analogy) in reverse.

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