Friday, 19 March 2010

Dusting Tull

I heard a story on the news yesterday about a little old lady who had been burgled. She phoned the police, who said they would be round shortly. Being of the house-proud persuasion she then proceeded to clean up the mess the burglars had made, did a bit of dusting and got out the best china for when the police arrived. Naturally, by the time the police did arrive, all the evidence was in the bin and any fingerprints had been wiped clean.

Saw Tull last night – and it was magical. Ian Anderson introduced some woman with a piano at the start and she then took a full 45 minutes out of the schedule. I was a bit miffed, as despite the fact that she was quite good (a cross between Kate Shush and Barney Simon), the tickets clearly stated that there was no support act, and I didn’t pay to come to see her. Perhaps Jethro is slipping her one, as they say.

The audience was a hoot; more grey mullets than on a fishmonger’s slab and more AC/DC T shirts than at an electrician’s convention. All were of a similar age group to myself.

Ian Anderson (who was at pains to point out that he had a 34 inch waist) was disgustingly lithe for a man of 62 and did his trademark one-legged stance many times.

They kicked off with some old stuff before majoring on more recent work from their considerable oeuvre. About two thirds of the way into the set Anderson disappeared, leaving the band to do their own thing, which turned out to be a self-indulgent hard rock number written by Martin Barre, with lots of drum solos. Not really what you expect from Tull.

A rather marvellous number called Budapest then assaulted my ears which mixed old and new, progressive and folk, the end of which seemed to herald a finale. However, to much rapturous applause they then launched into Aqualung – what we had really come to hear. After about two minutes of applause, they returned to the stage to do Locomotive Breath, which sent the crowd into paroxysms of delight.

There are some bands you go to see in order to listen to their new stuff. With Tull it’s simply to relive your past, so naturally that’s all you want to hear, which must piss the band off enormously.

All-in-all a good night and well worth 25 quid (we were at the back), although Anderson’s voice was noticeably under strain toward the end.

PS - where have all the bloggers gone? Everyone seems to be shutting up shop and closing their page.


  1. If the band get pissed off by having to play the old stuff all the time there is a simple solution open to them - change their name. Glad you enjoyed the concert - did they really play "Where Have All The Bloggers Gone"? Not heard that one for years.

  2. Blogging is so 2008..

    Concert sounded like fun, lucky it wasn't an AC/DC concert, think of all those blown hearing aids!

  3. Morning you OLD FART !

    I expect you were up well past your bed time then ?

  4. Alan: Ah, do you also remember that tune?

    Steve: Had to negotiate the zimmer frames.

    Phil: What did you last go to see? Perry Como?

  5. Same sort of audiences when I go to Steeleye Span and Fairport gigs - it will soon be THEM with the zimmer frames.
    I get very annoyed when the star listing only does half the gig and we have to sit through some unknown first - it's taking the piss And the entrance fee)