Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Winifred Atwell's 'Other Piano'

Winifred Atwell’s ‘other piano’ is a regular butt of jokes in our household. When we have two of something, one of them is referred to as ‘my other’ whatever it is.

Winifred Atwell was a pianist who was very popular in the 1950s / 60s and was renowned for her honky-tonk, boogie-woogie playing style. She has a battered old piano which used to go on world tour with her and was affectionately referred to as her ‘other piano’. “Winifred Atwell will now play her other piano,” was a famous saying.

Above is a clip of Winifred, but I’ don’t think she’s playing her ‘other piano’. However, what she’s playing is called Five Finger Boogle, which today (sadly) has an entirely different meaning and would get one censored if one tried to do it on TV.

Apparently Richard Stilgoe is the proud owner of Winifred Atwell’s ‘other piano’.

Here's a selection of the ales available at The Rising Sun (see Sunday's post).


  1. "Tarmac tipple" - cue gags about "one for the road"; any tasting notes CB?

  2. Winnie Atwell's clip - great blast from the past!

    Have gravitated to red wine and Port, but still miss the 'variety' of British beer. This urge to 'go find one' will wear off in a day or two, I'm sure ...

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