Thursday, 18 March 2010

World Music? Lord, What a Load of Junk

Well, that’s the pope’s speech written. Glad I got that out of the way. Latin is such a bugger – I find I’m never quite sure of the declensions.

The political parties here in the UK are in a bit of a lather about the tax status of a chap by the name of Lord Ashcroft - the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and a billionaire. He’s what’s called a Non-Dom, or non-domiciled for tax purposes, meaning he avoids paying tax on his overseas earnings. He was created a lord on the understanding that he’d start paying UK tax, but it would transpire that this undertaking was not actioned (a word my spell-checker seems to have a problem with, but I don’t).

If you ask me, the Conservative Party can easily defuse the situation by promising free tax avoidance lessons for all.

Some DJ who championed World Music has died. World Music is a term I never really got top grips with. I have always assumed it is a bit like a weed; i.e. a flower, but in the wrong place. Any explanation is welcome.

Two teenagers have died, allegedly from using mephedrone, a so-called ‘legal high’, although this is yet by no means certain. Despite inconclusive evidence, the mother of one of the boys is quite understandably, although totally illogically, calling for action to stop children having access to the drug, saying: "If that means making it an illegal substance, then that's how it should be."


Methinks expecting it to disappear through banning is no more than an exercise in wishful thinking. Since when did banning any substance lead to its elimination? All that will happen is that the criminal fraternity will add it to their list of wares.

Despite the drug having been around since 2007, it has been implicated in only 3 reported deaths – these two and one in Stockholm - and even these are not conclusive as God alone knows what was added to it or what else was taken. Many more deaths have been attributed to cigarettes, alcohol and even aspirin or hair dye. Should we ban them all? No, of course not.

Unless you can guarantee to cut off all sources to something then banning it is as effective as using the power of prayer and is in itself a form of denial.

Off to see Tull perform tonight.


  1. Yes I saw that the father said "how were they to know that it was dangerous if it was legal?" which seems to say a lot about the type of society we live in.

  2. Are we to ban everything and anything which causes death? - goodbye whisky, cigarettes, cars, boats and planes - not to mention Police, buildings, gas central heating, ladders and so on ad infinitum! Far better to legalise ALL drugs and use the money gained in tax for education.

  3. I tried this once, it was a bugger to swallow, as we all know that little squiggly line is the chemical symbol for pubic hair, obviously it kept getting stuck in my throat...

  4. If one plays with fire, one should expect to get burnt. No sympathy at all from here. Feel a bit for Mum and Dad, but they are looking in the wrong place to place the blame, they should be looking in the mirror.

    Pubic Hair, pH, I always thought that was, oh never mind...


  5. well I am back in The USA for a few days of R&R and lo and behold it will now allow me to post on the blog again.

    Pubic hair, drugs, legal or otherwise, banning them etc... possibly key words which some super computer somewhere will tag and have this site reported..

    By the way I am with Mr Burnett and Mr Fairy.. Living appears to be somewhat dangerous in this era which it did not appear to be when we grew up ! Perhaps we just had a little more common sense..

  6. Didn't Andy Kershaw do a programme on World Music once - on Radio One? Before they kicked him out?

    Thats the extent of my knowledge on the subject anyway xx