Friday, 5 March 2010

My Wives Don't Understand Me...

It would seem large sections of the British press have been castigating the South African President’s domestic arrangements with respect to the number of wives he has. My God, the press is an intolerant lot. Why do countries with a Christian heritage feel desperate need to push so-called ‘Christian values’ down the throats of all they come across and belittling those having different traditions?

Yes, Jacob Zuma is a bit of a buffoon, but not because of his polygamy. Condemn polygamy and you condemn a large proportion of the world. It’s not as if we in the UK, with our large Muslim population, are totally unfamiliar with the concept. According to the Ethnographic Atlas Codebook, of 1231 societies noted, 186 were monogamous. 453 had occasional polygyny, 588 had more frequent polygyny, and 4 had polyandry.

Personally I can see nothing wrong with polygyny. It obviously works in many parts of the world and, as long as a polygamous marriage is not an enforced one, the benefits are huge. The so-called ‘family values’, trumpeted as the panacea to all our ills by the political parties in the UK, are multiplied enormously in a family having a large support network for the children.

The Daily Mail had the effrontery to call Zuma a sex-obsessed bigot. The Daily Mail calling anyone a bigot is like Jacob Zuma calling Robert Mugabe non-reflective. The newspaper is renowned for its bigoted stance on a number of issues and its readers form the backbone of the UK’s intolerant tendency. I’d like to hear the Daily Mail call King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud a sex obsessed bigot. He has 4 wives and 22 kids.

The only reason bigamy is illegal in the UK is because of the dominance of Christianity within our laws – and it’s totally illogical. The Bible actually condones it under certain circumstances – see Deuteronomy 25:5-10 - although I’d doubt many Christians would know that as they have a habit of not actually reading their scriptures fully and only quoting select bits.

I love this quote I saw today: "The world is made up of different cultures. In some societies men think about having lots of wives and humping absolutely anything that moves, while in other societies they just get on with it."


  1. In the UK, Europe and the USA I am very glad to say that, whilst its possibly only the first step towards polygamy, swinging is very much at large. Swinging for the lesser brethren, is rather more as your quote "they just get on with it" and the old "throw your keys in the pile and see what the lady picks" philosophy.
    One contact web site this AM at 0600 has 4.7 million members worldwide, 4997 on line in the UK and 125 chatting in chat rooms.
    What sort of society can say he is sex crazed!

  2. You gotta go easy on those poor Christians: they don't really know which way is up with their 'scriptures,' as they've been edited and manhandled so much they don't know in from out.

  3. I suppose that the problem is that we don't really like, and are deeply suspicious of the people who live over the hill in the next village. Perhaps we're even frightened of them with their strange smells and heathen ways. At least that's how it was - now we can just about handle the mores of people in the same county but Northerner/Southerners/Scots/Irish/Welsh/people who went to Eaton ? Not at all and as for Johnny Foreigner.......

    That's what the press feeds into and that's what sells papers - no one quite dares say "Wogs begin at Calais (or is it the Isle of Wight)" - but it's there - lurking in the back of the mind and waiting to trap you on page 3 of the Daily Telegraph and in the Daily Mail - and it's nothing more than jeering at the strange ways of aliens/heathens/foreigners so we can all feel secure and Oh so very right!

    Richard x x x

  4. I guess our society forces monogamy on us?

  5. No - it forces serial polygamy or serial polyandry on us - perhaps modern lives are too long for conventional western monogamous marriages.

    Richard x x x

  6. ahem! The Mormon faith, which I believe is very much Christian, also promotes polygamy, so I don't know what on earth is left to debate!!