Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Want to Buy a Pyramid?

There was a story in the news yesterday about an anti-gay senator in the US coming out as being gay. When questioned about his previous vehemently anti-gay stance, he maintained it was because he was representing his constituents and that’s the way he knew they wanted him to vote.

It’s a nice idea of a politician voting the way his constituents want him to vote, but it does sound a tad disingenuous and I don’t know whether I believe him or not. Given he’s standing down later this year there’s not much time for this to be tested.

While on the subject of discrimination, a registrar who refused to perform same-sex civil marriages has had her case for religious discrimination by the local council for censuring her thrown out of the UK courts and is threatening to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights.

She maintains that her rights are being trampled over by someone else’s rights – and that can’t be right. What she fails to recognise is that same-sex marriage is a legal right and that being homosexual is not a choice. Her belief, however, is a choice and no more than an opinion – one among many and one I'm sure her spiritual leader - one Jesus Christ - would not condone. He wasn't discriminatory, if my memorty serves me right.

Mike Judge, from the Christian Institute, which backed her case, said: "Christians are being pushed to the sidelines of public life. Our nation's highest court has effectively told them their concerns are not of general public importance." Well, you’re right there Mike – not when they’re illogical and founded in pure bigotry.

The Christian Institute has published a document called Marginalising Christians. An extract states: “This growing sense of intolerance felt by Christians is made all the worse when they face hostility in the name of ‘equality and diversity’. Christians wonder why they are not being treated equally and why diversity does not include them.” Perhaps it’s because they themselves are one of the most discriminatory and intolerant bunch of people in society – all in the name of a God who, by any standard, seems spectacularly bigoted. What goes around comes around, as they say.

A bloke in the UK is being sent to jail for a pyramid selling scheme. Apparently he made £34m and conned thousands of people who each bought into the investment for around £4,300 each.

Now call me stupid or call me old fashioned, but didn’t all these people at least conduct a local property search through their conveyancer to check this guy owned these pyramids in the first place? It can’t be too difficult to check on ownership, after all there can’t be too many pyramids in the world. What would anyone want with a 4th Dynasty Middle Kingdom Egyptian burial mound or Mesoamerican Classical Period ceremonial temple anyway?

We were watching a Horizon TV programme last night about dark matter. Horizon has taken to long, drawn out graphics sequences, lots of ethereal music and a very slow voice-over delivery. They eke out 15 minutes worth of programming over an hour. Makes you want to shout; “Oh, just get on with it and get to the bloody point.”

Off to see Jethro Tull at Colston Hall in Bristol a week on Thursday! Can’t wait.


  1. That guy found me: I bought a pyramid from him. We converted it into a two-level studio and sold it for 3 times the price.

    And that same sex marriage lady? Turned out she was gay....

  2. Nice slant on the selling of pyramids, Chairman. I am positive I would enjoy your company down at the old 'Dog and Duck', but I suspect I would be equally sceptical about ANY subject you brought up. A conundrum to be sure, as it would also be what attracted me to a conversation with you in the first place!

    However, if you mentioned Jethro Tull in the same conversation you would lose my interest immediately. Sorry! They were 'radical' even at the height of their popularity so I can't see the attraction now, especially since they've lost their hair ...

  3. Braja: Nice link.

    Fletch: Dog and Duck? In Portugal? As fro not liking Tull, well I guess it's Heavy Horses for courses when you're listening to Songs From The Wood and the Minstrel In The Gallery while wearing an Aqualung on Rock Island.

  4. Something sphinx about that sort of deal.

    Not surprised about the antigay now gay guy, humans often tend to protest most strangly about things they secretly support.

  5. You'd think some of the gay Christians would explain to the bigoted fundie Christians how being gay isn't a choice and therefore (by definition) must be part of God's plan?

    On the other hand I suppose evidence based reasoning isn't their forte...

  6. HAH! 'Dog and Duck' literally translated would be 'Cão e Pato' in Portuguese. Doesn't have the same ring to it.

    Loved the sign over a four foot ten doorway (I measured it) in Castle Coombe, which gently warned 'Duck or Grouse'. It is probably still there if you happen to visit ...