Saturday, 20 March 2010

Electric Sport Relief Leaf

Have you heard about the new Nissan Leaf electric car? Apparently it does about 100 miles on a full charge. Brilliant! They’re going to build some in Sunderland in the north east.

Currently I can get up to Southport to see mum, leaving at 6am and returning just after lunchtime, all for a cost of a tank of petrol – say £65.

If I were to use the Nissan Leaf I’d have to stop off at Cannock Services (about 94 miles) and wait for 8 hours to recharge the battery. That would take me to 4pm, by which time I’d probably feel a bit tired and want to bed down for the night in the local Premier Inn at a cost of around £75, plus another £30 for a meal.

The next morning I’d set off again at 6am and reach Southport at around 8am latest; however, I’d have to charge the battery again for another 8 hours – it’s now 4pm (no lunch) again and I’d need a bed for the night. This time, however, I’d choose to head back to Cannock and risk the traffic – with the attendant problem of my battery not lasting the distance. Another overnight stay in Cannock will clock up another £105 in accommodation and evening meals.

I’d set off early the next morning at sparrow’s fart and arrive home having spent 2 days on the road – and at least £210 the poorer. God alone knows how much the 4 recharges would cost, especially with the way electricity prices are going.

Nah – not for me thanks. I wouldn’t even be able to get as far as Chipping Norton and back in a day. In any case I wouldn’t want to be trundling up and down the motorway in what is essentially an invalid carriage with four seats.

We were watching Sport Relief last night (an annual charity even in the UK), We saw Naseema and Aseema from India who sorted through rubbish to earn their crust. Hay and I came up with the idea of sending the Caravans down to the local Sort-It centre every morning to earn their pensions and enable them to be productive members of our commune (and yes, I did donate to Sport Relief).


  1. Or - your "Leaf" get an 80% charge in 30 minutes at the chargers proposed for Services and garages - and a half hour break is a good thing when driving!

    Richard x x x

  2. Richard: Are you aware of what a supercharge does to a battery's life? These things cost a fortune, and I wouldn't want to shorten their lifetime by even a nanosecond.

  3. PS - if it's anything like trying to find a convenient LPG outlet for my 'other Volvo' then forget it. You have to plan your journey meticulously and allow for 20 mile deviations.