Saturday, 13 March 2010

We Made It

Well, seems we're in Street View; however, the image is a year old as the house footings now cover where the caravan was.

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Come in and have a look around.


  1. Looks like a great spot you have there Chairman. Got any future plans for the paddock? (Don't suppose you've unearthed the usual stash of Roman coinage yet? Bit envious of that aspect of Brit life - but I did find an old Lion Red can and a DB bottle top in my garden once) :)

  2. The missing telegraph pole was a dead giveaway ...

    Spent several years, on and off, up the road from you, in the little village of Colerne. Lost count of the miles travelled on the A420, to and from Bath and Bristol. Happy days!

  3. George: Half of it will become garden. The rest will become an eyesore.

    Fletch: Up the road from me! Surely you mean down the road from me?

  4. I know where you live and I'm red?

  5. ... figure of speech, Bill. Everything seems to be 'up the road' from where I am ...

    Now, if you managed to stock up on some 'Watney's Red' for Braja, that would be a hoot. Can't think that it is available these days, nor that anybody drinks it - except the stoker I knew off the RFA Green Rover. But that's another story ...