Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Government Pirates?

Here's an example
of why women hate retired men with little to do.

Below is an interesting photo I purloined from this month’s Safety At Sea International magazine. Now look at the photo before you look at the caption. If I saw these buggers approaching my vessel I’d shoot first and ask questions later – mistakenly.

270,000 UK civil servants are to go on strike over what I think is an unfair reduction in their redundancy entitlement. This is before what is likely to be a large round of public sector redundancies.

The leader of these civil servants is Mark Serwotka. In the election campaign for the leadership of the PCS union, Serwotka had pledged that he would only accept an average member's wage. When told that this was not permitted by the rules of the union, he took his full wage, but donated everything above an average member's wage to the union strike fund. He has since gone back on this pledge and in 2007 received £82,094 in salary as well as £26,104 in pension contributions and a £2,245 additional housing cost allowance.


  1. AS a "retired" person, I have to admire the man's nerve in spreading his toys out over such a large area of the house!! Mind you, I also find myself wondering if, when working, he was either a science teacher - or in Honda's publicity dept.
    He obviously wasn't the PCS union leader, as there is no way you would retire from being given that sort of money for nothing!

  2. Air hockey, Newtons balls, polo mallet, free weights, cheap curtains and empty booze bottles, my dear Watson the probability that a Woman lives in this house is zero...

  3. Absolutely fascinated by the vid - all 3:17 of it. Indeed, I went back and played it again because I didn't believe what I had just seen.

    Agree with Steve. There is NO woman living in that house ...