Sunday, 16 January 2011

An Amazing Time

It’s Hay’s 46th birthday this coming week (party time) and in April it will be five years since we met – it’s been an amazing time and such a lot has happened.

I’ve loved the same woman for nearly 5 years, but if Hay ever found out she’d kill me.

Ballet dancers are kicking off because a new film, Black Swan, does not portray real life in the ballet world.

Hello, it's Hollywood! Since when has any film, even a biography, accurately portrayed anything? If Hollywood were to be believed, the US won both World Wars single handedly.


  1. If films represented real life they would run for 70 years and be incredibly boring.

    In the present system it only seems like 70 years.

  2. I can't say we won both wars by ourselves, but we have certainly won the Battle of the Bulge, at least here in KY...the state not the jelly.