Monday, 10 January 2011


Some commentators say that the US demanding Julian Assange’s Twitter data is poetic justice.

There’s a big difference, however; the US cables were leaked, whereas Assange’s data is being demanded. Were it leaked, it would be a different matter – although would it? Assange is not democratically elected and has harmed no-one.

It seems Big Brother has become a reality – although, if you don’t want democratically elected busy-bodies who are a law unto themselves reading your intimate details, don’t post them on the most insecure system known to man.


  1. During my brief flirtation with Twitter I was surprised to discover that the then Prime Minister of Australia became one of my followers. A couple of weeks later he was removed from his post. Cause and effect?

  2. Alan: He was probably spending too much time on-line in the office when he was meant to be working.

  3. 'don’t post them on the most insecure system known to man'

    I agree. I also agree with your comment to Alan, too many spend too much time twittering when they should be working. Even the PM does his share of twittering ... some of which I find quite incredible.

  4. Its not difficult to get hold of the Twitter fire-hose, $300K secures it.