Thursday, 20 January 2011

Doublespeak Teeth

The neutrality of Commons Speaker John Bercow was called into question when he revealed he quite likes Corn Flakes. Conservative minister, Alan Duncan, said his comments potentially undermined his impartiality: "The most important quality in any Speaker is his impartiality. Of course he has to look after his constituents, but he should be a step removed from any party political opinion."

In a beautiful example of doublespeak, Baroness Warsi has said that dividing Muslims into ‘normal’ and ‘extremist’ is not helpful, while simultaneously urging normal Muslims to ostracise the extremists.

Had three teeth extracted yesterday with another four to come out next Wednesday. Once that has been accomplished I will suffer the final humility of a set of dentures – unless I manage to get a job with a decent dental plan.

I suppose I’m lucky really – at my age my father didn’t have a single tooth of his own. At least I have the front ones, top and bottom.

My tooth problems really started when I had several crowns and a couple of bridges fitted about 10 years ago – all on a company dental plan. It cost some 3 grand in total. It’s all very well and good having crowns and bridges, providing you can afford to have them maintained. If you can’t, then they end up causing more problems than they are worth. Wish I’d never bothered now.

Have you noticed how politicians and union leaders, when interviewed by journalists, start by saying: "The fact is," and then launch into a torrent of blather totally devoid of any supporting fact whatsoever?


  1. I think you have given me another fine excuse not to visit the dentist.

  2. What? Not even for film star, Da Vinci veneers?

  3. But the journalists always start off with "Surely you must be..."

    Insert 'disgusted', 'furious', 'appalled', 'shocked' etc, as you please.