Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Overheard in the caravan:

Hayley: “That buzzard is being mobbed by those two crows. They seem very territorial; perhaps they’re starting to build a nest.”

Chairman: “A bit early for that, isn’t it?”

Hayley: “Mmm – perhaps they have planning permission and are putting the foundations in.”

The government is saying that the National Union of Teachers is ‘blindly opposed’ to the new free, or independent, state schools.

Right – for a start (and according to my understanding), teachers at these schools will not need formal qualifications. That’s a bit like saying surgeons won’t need formal qualifications at private surgical units; perhaps just a bit of City & Guilds butchery experience.

Additionally, faith groups will be able to run such schools. That’s science straight out of the curriculum for some faith schools then, as these schools do not even need to follow the National Curriculum.

Are these ministry men absolutely barking mad?


  1. A little like the school we went to.. naval officers with no formal teaching certificate !
    did you forget !

  2. Phil: you are mistaken - they had to have teaching certs.

  3. You don't need certificates to teach the unknowable, just kick back and wait for revelation, certainly beats working for a living...