Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pain, Videos & Daughters

Been suffering the most God-awful pain since having the three teeth extracted last Wednesday – not from the empty sockets, but a perfectly healthy tooth about three doors down from one that was particularly reluctant to vacate my gums. Must be referred pain. Had to anaesthetise it last night with something red and alcoholic. Going to postpone having the other four removed this coming Wednesday till everything subsides.

Yesterday someone put out an offer on Freecyle for a large number of videos. I replied, enquiring as to whether they are tapes or DVDs, to which I received a very terse reply saying that, as per the advert, they are videos. I enquired of the offerer what she thought the ‘V’ in DVD stood for and left it at that.

Yes, I know it can also stand for ‘versatile’, but video is a technological process and not a format; video is stored on either film, tape, disk or flash memory.

Following the photographic example of fellow blogger and thoroughly good egg, Alan Burnett, I thought I’d play with a photo (I'd vote Alan as the replacement No.10 Press Chief). I'd like to introduce my beautiful No.2 daughter. A photographer friend in Reading took this photo a few years ago when my daughter was 19. I then played around with it to produce the next image.

She’s currently trying her luck at looking for a job in Liverpool. Not exactly the place that immediately jumps to mind when you mention the words 'looking for work', but if you want the ultimate challenge then that's the place to go.

Talking of Liverpool, I hear the chap they charged with Jo Yeates' murder could be a Scouser - heard a newsreader mispronouncing his name as Vincent Tarbuck, when it's actually Tabak.


  1. Hope your teeth are better soon. I used to be a dental nurse and saw some horrors in the dentists chair.

    A scouser called Tarbuck? I wonder if he is any relation to Jimmy Tarbuck........... Apologies that was in very poor taste!

  2. TVK: His name is Tabak, but the newsreader pronounced it as Tarbuck. It's not as if Tabak is a tongue-twister...

  3. You voting for me as No. 10 Press Chief! Can't decide whether that is a complement or not. But to be called a good egg by a fellow photo-manipulator - now that is a complement.
    By the way, went out to lunch today and didn't get chance to catch up with your blog. At the dinner table, the host turns to be and says "I see Chairman Bill has nominated you as the new No 10 Press Secretary". Now that is fame for you my friend.