Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tweeting a Psychometric Taffy

A fellow blogger has alerted me to the fact that the US Dept of Justice has asked Twitter for the personal details of all Twitterers who subscribe to the WikiLeaks Tweets. I have just rejoined Twitter and subscribed to the WikiLeaks Tweets. Go on, do it yourself - you know it makes sense.

It’s a fact that all attempts to censor end up making the censors look totally and utterly ridiculous. Hitler apparently prohibited people from calling their dogs Adolph; the BBC’s banning of ‘God Save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols made the record a guaranteed success.

Talking of repressive regimes, apparently the Taliban has reconsidered its opposition to girls being educated. Perhaps they will now want to set up one of those ‘free’ state schools in the UK.

I was stood behind an elderly couple in the queue at the local post office yesterday. The bloke was bemoaning the fact that parcels no longer seem to get to where they are sent and it took him 3 months to get one to Ireland. He turned to his wife and said (loud enough for all to hear): “The country is full of people from Bongo-Bongo land and no-one even knows where Eire is anymore.” His wife nudged him hard in the ribs and told him to shut up. He continued: “Christ, you can’t say such things anymore, can you? It’s alright to call someone Taffy though,” he said, looking at me and winking. I stared hard at him and in my best Welsh accent said: “You have mortally offended me now, boyo!” He looked away somewhat sheepishly.

Psychometric tests! If you’re subject to one as part of a job interview and get rejected, are there grounds for appeal if those already employed by the company haven’t yet taken one? Furthermore, if psychometric tests are implemented in the recruitment process, shouldn’t all existing employees take the test to ensure they are suitable, and if any fail, should they not be summarily dismissed?


  1. It still beats me what the USDoJ wants with the Tweets data (Twits?).

    Psychometric test do nothing but keep psychologists employed.

  2. Lee: Twats, more like!

    I'm tempted to agree on the issue of the psi-met tests.