Monday, 24 January 2011

Our Team

Overheard in the caravan:

Newscaster: “Annie Lennox and the Archbishop of Canterbury are….”

Chairman: “Having a baby?”

Newscaster: “… lending their support to a protest against the government sell-off of national forests.”

Chairman: “Bugger!”

Apart from the idea of a bunch of adults arguing over whether a sky god says a woman can be a bishop or not is somewhat anachronistic in this day and age, I can’t help but feel that the defection of Anglican Bishops to Rome is a personal betrayal.

I almost view the Anglicans Communion as ‘our team’, despite me being a 100% practising atheist. I’m sure many with a cultural heritage that includes Protestantism feel the same way.

It’s a bit like supporting the football team of your city or town of birth, despite not having lived there for decades and having no logical allegiance to it.

On the subject causing the schism, those wishing to make women 2nd class citizens base their argument on excerpts from letters composed by some bugger who never even met Jesus.

Did Gary Oldman possibly base the character of Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in the film The 5th Element on GW Bush?


  1. I sometimes get called a "practising atheist"?

    - I've always wondered what that meant, I suppose in the context of religion it's a synonym for "serious" but what would a "lapsed atheist" do differently?

    I want to know how the misogynists in Christianity know that Yahweh has a penis and if true, is it bigger than Allah's? (obviously it must be ;) An untapped line of theological contemplation perhaps?

    PS Luc Besson rocks.

  2. Ah so you watched the fifth Element last night! (I do love that film).
    Besides women Bishops, I wonder if the sky god also believes that they don't make very good assistant referees?

  3. Cots: You took the words out of my mouth - or next post.