Monday, 3 January 2011

Started Your Diet Yet?

Noticed how all the commercial TV stations are pumping out diet adverts?

Why are there always Christmas pop songs but no New Year pop songs?

These are some images of the garden during the cold spell; it was transformed into a fairy grotto.

It’s amazing how the utterly hideous or mundane can be transformed into a thing of beauty by something potentially lethal. This is a piece of steel reinforcing grid for concrete.


  1. Happy New Year mate. I start my diet tomorrow (thought I would align it with the VAT increase in order to maximise the misery) And what is this? Are you turning into a photographic blog? Where is the "heavy drinking, cantankerous, iconoclastic, foul-mouthed, devil worshipping misogynist" we all know and love?

  2. What gorgeous photos.

    My diet remains in the future.

  3. Alan: And a happy one to you too. I thought I'd exhibit my more creative and feminine side.

    Liz: A poor attempt compared to some of Alan's.