Saturday, 22 January 2011


Overheard in the caravan:

The Chairman & Hay had been watching a documentary on Thin Lizzy.

Hay: “The remaining members don’t seem to have looked after their money very well – they all appear to live in council houses.”

Brian Robertson now : Brian Robertson then

In a ground-breaking, trans-species transplant in California, a woman has had a voice transplant from a donor frog.

It would seem that even the BBC is resorting to misreporting. Following some Dutch chap being taken in for questioning by Avon & Somerset police with regard to the Jo Yeates murder, and the police categorically refusing to confirm whether he’d actually been arrested, a BBC news article went on to say in the same article that the ‘arrest’ took place on Thursday.

I’m going to have to keep my head down for a while, as doubtless the Daily Mail will portray all Dutch people as a violent nation who bludgeon people to death with clogs and steal all our jobs. Angry mobs of Daily Mail readers will be out with their pitchforks, hunting down anyone who overuses the velar fricative, uses the letter D instead of the dental fricative, or merely has an upper respiratory tract infection, under the impression they are Dutchmen. That woman with the frog voice transplant had better watch out too.

Was watching Blair giving evidence yesterday at the Iraq inquest. You have to admit he’s a smooth operator and it’s impossible to tell whether he’s being insincere. Cameron, however, simply can’t pull off sincerity and I find it impossible to believe a word he says.

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