Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bathhampton to Warleigh Weir

Another kayaking adventure yesterday, but this time on the River Avon between Bathampton (just to the east of Bath) and Warleigh weir (much further east of Bath) on the River Avon.

Very different from the Kennet and Avon canal - didn't see a soul on the river and there was a lot more nature.

The Avon is basically a bunch of long lakes strung together with weirs. Without the weirs it would be a mere trickle.

Trip preparation is somewhat fraught, as you're desperately seeking places where you can launch or disembark. Added to the frustration is the need to find somewhere near to a car park of some description. A website called Paddle Points is invaluable - stealth kayakers contribute to the fund of knowledge about key launch sites.

Whereas the section of river between Bathampton weir and Bath is filled with pleasure craft of all descriptions (being so close to Bath), from Bathampton upstream is totally devoid of water craft, except those capable of being put in on the day due to the lack of permanent mooring sites.

Bought a few ratchet strops and roof rails so we could eliminate having to use the trailer, which gives us so much more versatility in the choice of launch sites. Had so much fun and relaxation from these kayaks - well recommended as a way of exorcising stress, especially if there's a pub at the end of the route where you can sit with a glass of something red in your paw.

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