Saturday, 4 July 2015

Public Floyd Grief and Strange T Shirts

Went to see Bootleg Floyd at Riff's Bar in Swindon last night with Hay. Wasn't sure what to expect and most of the first set was later Floyd, which I'm not that familiar with, so couldn't get into the swing. The 2nd set was pure magic though, being comprised entirely of DSotM. Hay's seen Floyd live 3 times and was very impressed with these guys - and she normally detests tribute bands (we have constant arguments about whether orchestras playing classical music are tribute bands or not, which, essentially, they are). For a small venue without the benefit of inflatable pigs and laser displays, it was excellent.

A small taster (my arms got tired) - Dave Gilmour was particularly good, although he seemed to be 2 people, but I couldn't see Richard Wright or Nick Mason from my vantage point:

Wonder if there's a Spinal Tap tribute band?

A minute's silence and flying flags at half mast for the people killed in the Tunisia atrocity. Don't know about you, but I feel very uncomfortable about national, public displays of mourning for anything other than deaths where the subjects of the mourning have risked their lives for the nation and hence we owe them a debt deserving of the nation's respect. It's probably a Teutonic age thing and a general dislike for wearing hearts on sleeves. It all started with the (what I considered) distasteful scenes at Princess Diana's funeral, which seem to have become a national obsession of the younger generation. 

I'm getting worried about Hay's choice of T shirts:

Have you noticed how the ISIS summer range clothing is rather similar to their winter, autumn and spring range? They need a new designer.

Off kayaking today on the Kennet and Avon canal.

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  1. Certainly an "intimate" venue (looks warm) :) good to see people keeping this great music alive!