Thursday, 9 July 2015

Free Hire ECG

The Chairman was taking delivery of some roof bars for the car to transport the kayaks:

Courier: "You don't need to buy these; you can hire them from Halfords for free."

Chairman: "How do you do that then?"

Courier: "Buy some from Halfords on Friday, use them for the weekend and then return them on Monday saying they were not what you were looking for. You'll get a full refund."

It's people with attitudes like that who got Greece into financial trouble, and we have more than a handful here.

Went to the doctor last week to have a suspect mole checked out and she took my BP at the same time. She noticed an arrythmia with my pulse, so booked me in for an ECG yesterday. It struck me over the weekend that the espresso machine liberated from my office may have had more to do with the arrythmia than anything congenital, so I laid off the espressos the last few days and got the all clear with the ECG. Let that be a warning to any coffee fiends out there.

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