Monday, 6 July 2015

Signs of the Times and an Out-take

Overheard in the Living Room:

Chairman: "Here, take this Bic razor and shave the bum fluff off the back of my neck please."

Hay: "Why do they call it bum fluff?"

Chairman: "Do you want me to show you?"

Hay: "No, we had enough of that yesterday when you changed out of your wet shorts in public after kayaking!"

Been thinking about these driverless cars that are being developed - perfect for kayaking. Get the car to drop you off somewhere upstream on a river and signal it to meet you a few hours later downstream. No worry about having to paddle furiously upstream.

Unite has backed Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader. What a gift to the Tories - that'll be Labour in the sidelines for a generation!

The Greek no vote - let's have some perspective over time before we all pile into Europe for a holiday:

Was asked not to use my e-cig at the local Coffee One. Enquired as to why and was told customers had previously complained about the smell emanating from other vapers. Asked what people smelled and was told smoke. Told the girl that the customers were bigoted idiots and liars, as the only possible thing they could smell would be the flavourings, which are predominantly fruit, chocolate or vanilla. In my case it is vanilla, so if that upsets the customers, Coffee One should get rid of the vanilla extract they provide for their coffees. While they're at it, they should get rid of the sticky cakes which make their customers obese and give them diabetes.

Similar thing happened in Wetherspoon's a while ago. It's fine for them to sell customers 5 Woo Woo cocktails in a row so they can get smashed out of their faces, but not for me to exhale vanilla flavoured water vapour.

There is one one valid argument in favour of disallowing vaping in shops, and that's because some of their stupid customers might not come back and they could lose custom. I wouldn't mid that argument as it has a certain validity, if flawed on the part of the stupid customers.

Time for the Saturday kayaking out-take:

The sun was in my eyes, I couldn't see what the hell I was taking a picture of and pressed the button that superimposes a small reverse shot on the main image...

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