Saturday, 18 July 2015

Large Hadron Jet Loo


Chairman: "I really think I have a book in me."

Hay: "Yes, cookery books, and they're all around your waist."

Spotted this on Facebook yesterday:

Now I don't know much about Large Hadron Colliders, but unless I'm very much mistaken, the image the Independent used for the Large Hadron Collider is actually that of a jet engine.

Hay ordered the dry-composting loo for the cabin yesterday - £1,750. Expensive, but no water required and no digging up the garden for a sewer pipe (on a very gradual fall). It's Finnish - they seem to be ahead of the UK in this respect, but then they have more remote cabins than we have in the UK. The grey water, which will be minimal, will go into a soakaway, so to all intents and purposes it'll be off-grid for sewerage. The boys are coming in a couple of weeks to start the build and should have it finished by the middle of September. Hay already has it rented out for a year from the end of September to a couple of guys with a start-up business who urgently need an office and a space for prototyping.

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