Thursday, 30 July 2015

Progress Report, Wedding Video & Waitrose

Progress from yesterday! I feel a swift trip to B and Q (can't use ampersand in Blogger) coming up to use my over 60s card for a bathroom and kitchen.

Roof trusses ordered, larch cladding ordered, roof tiles to be ordered tomorrow. On target for mid-September completion.

I've finished editing Hay's sister's wedding. If you're willing to suffer 25 minutes of someone else's humanist wedding, then this is for you. If you're bored by this kind of thing, move on the end credits - and make sure you go beyond where it says; "THE END". Hay is the blonde in the flowered dress toting a camera and one of the people giving a reading.

Did you spot President Clinton, who kindly dropped in for the pub lunch on the Wednesday.

Received an offer from Waitrose yesterday - free champagne when I spend £100 or more. Can't remember the last time I spent £100 on a weekly shop; our usual is just under £70 at Lidl, which would give me £30 for a decent bottle of bubbly anyway! Mind you, it must be quite easy to spend £100 at Waitrose - just some Eaitrose Essential lilies and a bit of Waitrose Essential caviar.


  1. Can you get ampersand in your local B+Q! Can't get it up here for love nor money unless you go to a specialist builders merchant.

    1. Must stop dropping my aitches - naturally I meant hampersand. Found next to the builder's sand.

  2. Nice job ! (I always wondered what a Humanist ceremony was like, fab!)

  3. Great video of a happy occasion, good to see people enjoying themselves. Just one question 'How long did it take to train the cat ?'