Sunday, 19 July 2015

Tent Raising Queen Moyet

It's Hay's sister's wedding party next Saturday and it's being held in the family kampong. Yesterday was spent raising an army surplus tent - must have been a field mess tent at one time - in our garden.

Took 5 blokes and, for the actual raising, their womenfolk and children too. The whole neighbourhood turned out - it was like something from the film Witness. I also learned a new term - Dutch lacing, which until now I thought was something to do with fetish clothing.

We next moved on to a more modern tent, which despite being contemporary and much smaller than the old army tent, was infinitely more difficult to erect.

Start getting near the end with these jobbies and that's when the problems start - poles keep popping out all over the damned place as it nears completion. It actually took more people to erect this thing than the humungous circus tent. Every corner needed someone pushing it in while simultaneously lifting it. Certainly not a job to tackle on your own.

I see the Queen is getting stick from the Sun newspaper over some old footage of her doing a Nazi salute as a child. I'm no fan of the Royal Family but I wonder if anyone from the Sun had the wit to ask the Palace what the context was, for as we know, context is everything. No, I thought not. Even so, this took place in 1933, well before the Kristallnacht incident of 1938 or the Nazi involvement in the Spanish Civil War in 1936, when Hitler's true intentions became manifest. Typical Sun gutter press - remember the Sun's reporting on Hillsborough? There are parts of Liverpool where no-one will buy the Sun, or even take it for free.

Remember Alison Moyet from the 80s? Have you seen recent photos of her? I was shocked.

What a transformation!


  1. What a load of kerfuffle about the very young Elizabeth making that sign. She wasn't even a Princess at the time... I rather think that journalists of today would be better if they snorted less coke!
    They should watch Fawlty Towers and Sooty and Sweep to see how much fun we all got out of that foolery.

    In regard to modern tents I recall struggling to erect one for my grandson's naming ceremony and had to keep on tweaking the damn thing throughout the day.

    1. Ditto today - a slight shower during the night rendered all the guy ropes slack.