Monday, 20 July 2015

Work Experience & Pet Facebook Hates

No.1 Son is doing a week's work experience at JP Morgan Chase Bank in Bournemouth and I had to drive him there yesterday afternoon. Having neglected to break in his new shoes before going, he had no option but to use use his old school shoes, which are coming apart at the seams. I advised him to just say he comes from a poor family.

Things on Facebook that piss me off insanely:
  1. Those bloody Minions characters! You can't press page-down without one of the buggers popping up. The film makers have done a wonderful job of marketing these vermin, but as far as I'm concerned the only thing they seem well designed for marketing is tampons.
  2. Inane posts that stretch credulity by asking you to name a dog, girl's name, country or whatever, having no A, or B, or C. Truly inane and mind numbingly stupid, like the people that populate them with answers. The only thing they stretch is the minds of numbskulls.
  3. Ill conceived posts from Neo-Nazi organisations such as Britain First, and the people who re-post them with no endeavour whatsoever to verify the ludicrous claims made in them.
  4. (Add your own).

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