Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hijab Phone Accessory for Facebook

I was standing waiting for a colleague at Old Street tube station in London yesterday prior to a business meeting and spotted a Muslim woman in a Hijab with one hand full of shopping bags and the other hand trying to restrain two small children. All the while she was talking on her mobile phone, which was rammed into the side of her hijab. Novel use of a hijab, if you ask me - never seen it used in this way before.

I can see all British women wearing hijabs soon as a mobile phone accessory. Mind you, would it be classed as hands-free if used while driving?

I'm getting really depressed with Facebook - it is becoming a hate-filled medium where nonsense is peddled as fact and statistics are misrepresented in the most mind-bending manner to justify some or other ultra-right (predominantly) or ultra-left political stance. It seems few people are prepared to do even the most rudimentary research on the stuff peddled on Facebook - people are naturally gullible when it comes to things that reinforce their prejudices or preconceived and ill-considered judgements.

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