Friday, 10 July 2015

Siege Mentality at the Wimbers Fox Hunt

Hay's sister, Michelle, is getting married in a few weeks to her longtime partner, Perry. The party is going to be a bring-your-own whatever and I've been tasked with baking 6 sourdough loaves. I baked 2 yesterday and needed a freezer to stock them in and thought I'd use Hay's dad's, as he's mainly on his own and (as I thought) couldn't have much in it. Little did I know he'd stocked up and had a whole drawer filled with four brown loaves, which seems a tad over the top. When I expressed surprise he said; "There's a war on you know!"

Watched the closing minutes of the Sharapova / Williams match yesterday afternoon. I can't believe how agile Williams is for such a big woman. Power and agility are obviously better than simple agility. It was like watching Arnie Schwartzenegger playing tennis. The blokes' game doesn't have massive, slightly overweight men. I do wish the women's game would go to 5 sets thought - just think of how many men have come back from 2 sets down to win the game. The women simply don't get time to get into the stride of their game and stamina counts for nothing.

Looks like fox hunting is back on the menu. Living in sheep country I do feel for the sheep farmers and have no objection to the sensible control of foxes by a bloke with a couple of dogs and a rifle, possibly on horseback. What I do object to is turning it into a circus and a 'sport' for nobs and the wealthy from London dressed in pink. It harks back to the days of public hangings. Mind you, I suspect more than a handful would like public hangings back too. Now as for illegal immigrant hunts - no problem at all, and I'm sure it will interest the nobs.

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