Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Female of the Species

Visited Lidl yesterday for a single item.

Firstly, I entered the car park, going round in the prescribed manner one does when confronted by a one-way system, when a woman of about 50 reversed out of her space and proceeded to exit the car park in an anti-one-way system manner - something I've only ever seen young lads and women do. On expressing mild surprise, exhibited by raising my arms to the heavens and giving what Hay calls my 'are you stupid or something' look (imagine Greg Davies from Man Down sneering), she saw fit to give me two fingers.

Secondly, I went and bought my solitary item, only to be stood in a queue, the length of which surely contravened human rights in the western world. They announced another till would open and I rushed over, only to be beaten by a young woman and her mother who had obviously done a 6 week shop for both households (and comprised of the most hideously unwholesome food you could imagine). Now most men having someone behind them in the queue would allow someone with a handful of items to go in front of them - not these two. Had to wait a full 10 minutes.

Thirdly, I proceeded to get some petrol for the car, as I was going to Heathrow later in the afternoon to catch a flight to Warsaw. Woman came in just before me, and while there were 3 free filling points in her queue, she decided to fill up at the rearmost, blocking the other two. Not only did she do that, but the woman in the next queue did exactly the same.

I swear women are getting ruder and less considerate as the years go by.

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  1. Welcome to Warsaw :))) The city of nice [and polite] women :))
    When you see a woman like you've mentioned above again, always think you might have been born in Poland, where we do not have driving rules... ;)