Saturday, 11 July 2015

Investing in Education for the Greeks

Seen a lot of posts on Facebook from the Lib Dems and Greens protesting about the loss of the student grant. However, the student loan is still in place and you don't have to even think about starting to pay it back till earning over £17k, and then it's based on a sliding scale. The interest is only 1.5%.

Why should the tax payer fund someone going to university simply because they can't be bothered to find a job, which is what has been happening in many instances to date. People should be encouraged to invest in their education if they think it will make them more marketable or make them a better all round person. Can't see any problem with that. "Don't drop the grant as I'll have to get a job," doesn't cut it with me.

Can't understand these Greeks. They vote no for austerity and then their new finance minister lodges a plan that involves austerity. Senseless to have a vote in that case. Even the no vote is going to lead to austerity, very probably worse austerity than voting for austerity would have produced - that's what bankruptcy entails.

They can't leave the Euro, which has been funding their lucrative pensions to date, and expect a bankrupt exchequer to finance them. It can only be a game of brinkmanship with the aim of getting a better deal - their politicians having no intention of rejecting their only lifeline.

Made a jar of red onion marmalade this week. Easy-peasy! I'd make someone a good wife.


  1. I have had read quite enough of your ignorant comments and am now removing your blog.

    1. Ignorant? I'll have you know that red onion marmalade is VERY easy.

      Seriously though, some of my comments may well be ignorant, so engage with me and change my mind through debate and/or educate me out of my ignorance. I'm open to changing my mind on a number of issues, and have done so previously on many. I'm not bigoted, even if ignorant (in your opinion) on some issues.

      To simply call my comments ignorant and to disengage without argument could be described as bigoted, but I won't go so far as to call you bigoted, as I'd like to engage you in debate.

  2. You'd make a good wife out of red onion marmalade?