Friday, 3 July 2015

Kayaks Away for Greek Perspective

Here we go! The yaks were delivered Wednesday - £400 worth of plastic.

Despite the yaks being identical, the oars supplied with each one are very different - one is big, black, butch and blokey (that'll be mine) and t'other is yellow, dainty and effeminate (Hay's). However, there were no wing mirrors supplied!

Not exactly stackable, but small enough to be lifted by one person. Now to solve the carriage problem, as we don't really want to be taking the trailer all over the place. The problem is that it's almost impossible to find roof bars for sports cars, especially antique ones.

Hay has just discovered that this hobby is more expensive than she thought - there's the issue of waterways licences. Is that her I hear tapping away on the keyboard to sell two second-hand yaks on eBay?

Spotted this building near where I had my business meeting on Wednesday - they've monkeyed around with the perspective in the design to dramatic effect - it appears to loom over the viewer:

Greece! It can't survive in the Euro, nor can it survive outside of it - where's the money going to come from? The EU has basically been bankrolling all their pensions and infrastructure developments, and now it's pay-back time. Imagine if you borrowed heavily and then said you can't pay back - if everyone did that we'd have a financial crisis on our hands and a possible global melt-down.... oh, hang on - we had one of those for exactly the same reason, didn't we?

It's Greece's politicians' fault, as well as that of the ideologically-driven idiots who allowed Greece into the Euro in the first place - and to break every rule in the book. The words 'too big to fail' come to mind. So long as you have nations willing to do nothing but take and others willing to give in the name of a blinkered ideology, the Euro is a doomed project. It can only be accomplished through a union of like-minded nations with similar economic dynamics and full political integration.

Whereas ISIS's aim is the creation of a global Ummah by the destruction of borders, nationalities and cultural identities through terror and warfare, the EU's aim is exactly the same, but through the creation of the Euro-Zone and using somewhat more democratic means (unless violence breaks out in Greece). Analyse and discuss.

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  1. Never mind about the Greece debt, instead be concerned with the US debt.