Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gazebos & Tents

Bought a small gazebo on eBay last year, but never got to put it up as it was bought too late in the year. I contributed it to the wedding to add as a portico to the wedding ceremony gazebo. On putting it together I realised why it was so cheap - some of poles wouldn't go together without a rather large application of brute force. I suspect it was a an Amazon return, as the seller was an Amazon driver.

Anyway, I got it together for the wedding, but there was no way the uprights could ever be taken apart again. Fortuitously, Colin our builder, needs a gazebo as a building shelter for the cabin build, which started yesterday, so it's now residing at the top of the field and it doesn't matter if it's destroyed in the process.

Not sure when we'll be able to take the Big Top tent down - weather has precluded it so far and most of the available personnel are going away this week. Getting very worried about the grass. The heavy rain on Sunday has rendered the ground very soft and tent pegs are popping all over the place - it nearly collapsed of its own accord yesterday in the winds.

There's a more than a 50% chance that Hay and I will get married next year, but there's no way I'm raising tents myself and doing all the clearing up afterwards. We're considering low-cost alternatives that involve leaving it all to others to do the hard work. Hiring a local pub with room for a marquee and a pig roast is high on the list of options. There is a number of likely venues hereabouts.

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