Friday, 29 July 2016

A Mecca for Viruses

Well, the Ghost Push virus seems to have gone, but I'm not sure how I achieved this, unless the Stubborn Trojan Killer App was updated during the day without me being aware of it. I ran several scans throughout the day, with the usual result that it couldn't kill the virus, and then after a scan during the evening it reported no virus, and all the annoying symptoms seem to have disappeared. I had played with a few root application Apps during the day, so it's feasible I turned something off that was the cause. Time will tell.

Was watching something on the local news about Beatrix Potter last night and heard the expression; "It's a Mecca to Beatrix Potter fans," in reference to an old tailor's shop in Gloucester. I wondered why we use Mecca as a reference point for pilgrimages, rather than somewhere more local, like Santiago de Compostella, Lourdes, Notre Dame or the The Guinness Storehouse (the latter two vying for the most popular tourist attraction in the Europe).

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