Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Drone Jobs

Amazon to use drones for dropping off orders? That's like saying mobile phone manufacturers are aiming to make smart phones you don't have to charge for a week. They probably are, but the technology is way off yet. Even a £1,000 drone has a maximum flying time of about 20 minutes (unburdened), which at 50 MPH means 16 miles, there and back, not accounting for the weight of the parcel taking a lot of battery power. Unless battery power increases exponentially, it will have to be limited to well within an 8 mile radius of a depot, meaning only facilitating city centres.

Looking at the media stuff, they're quoting a 'range' of 15 miles, but it's unclear as to whether that's a radius or the there-and-back range.

What with technology replacing jobs, someone in government is soon going to have to consider paying everyone a universal basic income funded by taxes on companies shedding people through the use of technology. That salary could be used to simply fund a life of doing nothing (replacing the benefits system), to set up a business (probably servicing drones) or as an augmentation of a working salary, if you're lucky enough to have a job that still uses people. It's been under discussion in several European countries, such as Switzerland, where a recent referendum threw it out by a 76.9% majority,

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