Sunday, 10 July 2016



Chairman: "This Village Hall Committee thing - I have great difficulty remembering the names of all the people. The only ones I can remember are Ian and whatsis name..... the policeman..."

Hay: "Anthony."

Chairman: "That's the one."

Since being persuaded to become a member of the Village Hall Committee, I seem to spend all weekend being waved at by people I don't recall knowing. They beep us when we're walking along the main road on our weekend walks, and as I don't recognise the cars, I'm left wondering who on earth was beeping us.

The latest project:

Picked it up in Gloucester on Friday evening. 1990 caravan incorporating the worst excesses of 1990s design. £900.

No.2 Son has been thrown out by his mother for bad behaviour (he is a handful) and is looking to come and stay with us, the problem being we only have two bedrooms and he and No.1 Son don't exactly see eye-to-eye - it's no overstatement to say they hate each other. 

He's been sofa-surfing at mates' houses in Truro for the last couple of weeks while I come up with a solution. It doesn't help that No.2 wife refuses to speak to me and all communications are relayed through No.1 Son in a very oblique manner. The only solution was either to pay for a room for No.2 Son till I can get him into the Navy, or to buy a cheap caravan and he stays in that. The latter option at least gives me a tangible asset I can sell on later, or possibly use for my own enjoyment, Also, a caravan won't be too comfortable in winter, meaning No.2 Son will have an incentive to toe the line and get a job.

The problem is that I actually like the caravan, and so does Hay. Brings back memories of 5 years in one (admittedly a much bigger one) while building the house and we simply want to hook it to the car and use it to go away for weekends. I'm now full of nostalgia and re-learning all about inverters, boilers, water pumps and Calor gas.

Going to have to get a bigger 3rd car to tow it - the 1.1 Litre Hyundai Getz is not exactly up to it.


  1. And the 5lt Merc?! :-) 'Kin rolling road blocks...I disagree with Clarkson about most things but not these...remove temptation, remove the wheels, puncture the tyres!!

    1. Now am I likely to disfigure a 500SL with a towbar? I don't think so!

      Ah, a sedate 60 mph on the Queen's highways - preferably on a narrow A road....

  2. A fair point but you should accept that a caravan's arse on a single track road is a bigger disfigurement, both to the eye and to progression! NB My towbar is invisible unless I attach the just have to fork out a bit more. Take the wheels off! :-)

    1. Actually, 50 mph would be better and the narrower the road the better...

  3. You can walk in front waving a red flag? wheels...rearrange etc

  4. Make the caravan so comfortable with no rent, at no cost for services and include meals at your place and No.2 Son will retire to it.