Friday, 22 July 2016

Glug, Glug, Glug

Spotted yesterday - nice name for a company that does plumbed in water coolers:

Talking of which, the submersible pump for the caravan's water delivery system packed up yesterday. Got a new one, but the coupling on the caravan is so old that I had to do a bodge to get it to fit. Have ordered a new housing so I can do a proper job in the next week or so. Need to find a cheap way of plumbing the caravan into a permanent supply, rather than using a refillable 40 Ltr roll-tank. They make roll-tanks with a side filler and you can get an adaptor with a ball-cock, but they're ludicrously expensive.

Roof trusses were fitted to the 2nd cabin yesterday:


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    1. Seems the obvious answer, but no; it would put the caravan's piping system under too high a pressure. There has to be a reducing factor.

  2. see

    1. Found the answer, Mel.