Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pull Together in the Cabin

I'm getting heartily sick of those who voted Leave saying; "Get over it; we need to pull together," while being simultaneously bereft of a single idea or suggestion for what we do to create this Utopian vision they have of a rosy and bright future. All they are now doing is shifting the blame for our parlous state onto Mark Carney. "Wasn't my vote, guv. It was Carney talking the country down." Fantasists thinking that Utopia will spring from nothing, fully-formed - ex nihilo nihil fit, despite the .economy showing solid signs of recession

I have a suggestion - a referendum to impose a mandatory 2 year pay curb across the UK, combined with us all working 1 hour a day longer, or Saturday mornings. That would certainly allay market jitters and give the UK a much-needed economic boost, as well as heading inflation off at the pass.

We can't vote for a cut in wages or an increase in taxes, else a recession would become a self-fulfilling prophesy due to us having less money to spend, but working an extra hour a day, or Saturday mornings, has no impact on our pockets. Direct democracy in action, but I somehow doubt there will be much support for this kind of direct democracy from the Leavers, as most of them are either already unemployed or pensioners. I await a 38 Degrees petition from Leavers, but I fear they will just continue to lay more blame on Carney as a scapegoat for a self-inflicted injury.

In response to calls for another referendum in light of many Leave voters regretting the way they voted, they ask whether we want repeated referenda until we get  the result we want. Well, duh, yes! Isn't that democracy too? People's opinions do change, especially given the abysmal  manner in which the Brexit campaign was managed - by both sides. It happens every 5 years in general elections, and whenever there's a vote of no confidence in parliament.

Meanwhile, I'm doing my own bit to ensure my pension - the 2nd cabin is progressing well, despite the rain. A dry week is needed now.

Actually that last photo has nothing to do with the 2nd cabin - it's a Triumph Datona T595 belonging to Pablo, who rents the 1st cabin for his business. I just thought it a nice bike.


  1. Seems like 38 degrees has impressed me much more than referendums - it's always easy to destroy things or point out what everyones doing wrong (I'm an expert at that - just ask my wife) takes a little more thought to come up with alternatives (plans, ideas)
    Surely a government that called a referendum should have a plan for whichever outcome.
    I'll get me coat...

    1. Yeah, yeah - but what about the bike. Nice, ain't it?

  2. She is a beautiful bike Chairman. Very curvatious!