Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lift Angst in Newcastle

I suffer from a little-known affliction - lift anxiety. If I get into a lift on my own, I just hope to God that no-one else gets in before the doors close and delays my journey up or down.

It  happened to me the other day in Tesco. Had the lift to myself and the doors were just about to close when a bloke and his wife ambled up to the door and managed to press the button seconds before the doors shut. Naturally he faffed around while guiding his elderly mem-sahib in. 

Just as they were about to close for the 2nd time, he spotted a woman with several rug-rats in tow, and very kindly put his hand thought the narrowing lift door gap and the doors once more opened. I was furious! Said woman took a full 30 seconds to marshal her brood!

In Newcastle today for a brief 09:30 to 11:00 sales meeting, but there's no flight back to Bristol till 21:30. Should have either booked the train back or hired a car. Too late now.

Arrived last night, and when checking in the clerk asked me for both my signatures on the check-in slip. Confused the buggery out of me, as I only have one signature.

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