Thursday, 28 July 2016


Got a virus of some description on my mobile phone. Had it since about April. It manifests itself only when I'm using some of my Apps, such as Chrome, the Nat West App, Wikipedia and one or two others. In Chrome it opens a page to some spurious advert (prevented by  blocking popups, but the blank page still opens), in other Apps is can either open up an advert mid operation, or prevents the App from working properly by freezing hyperlinks or just crashing the App.

A clue is that the virus wants to open, but anything I can find on this refers to removal from PCs, not Android phones.

I've tried all manner of anti-virus Apps to get rid of it, but nothing detects it and removes it. I've looked for which of my Apps permit drawing over the screen and freezing them, but all to no avail. I don't want to do a factory reset as my phone is rooted and I don't want to lose my data.

Anyone else having this problem?

Stop Press - just used an App called Stubborn Trojan Killer which found a Ghost Push virus, but couldn't remove it. Apparently it installs in the root.


  1. Oh nasty, nasty!
    I think that you need to backup the info the information that you need to keep. Yes, I know it is time consuming and boring but it needs to be done. Then return it to manufacturer.

    1. No use - the virus will transfer with the data. I have an upgrade coming in November anyway, so I'll soldier on with it. It's more annoying than dangerous.