Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Overheard Civil War

Overheard talking to Colin the builder about the new cabin he's building for us:

Colin: "I've got Sam's brother Gavin helping me tomorrow to put the frame up. Can't understand a word he says."

Was having a chat with a friend about Brexit and she (I hope jokingly) forecast civil war if the Article 50 button is not pressed. However, if the government were to stop the benefits of those in Cornwall and Wales (the areas benefiting most from the EU, but perversely voting Brexit) and destroy the offices of the Daily Mail, any civil war would be over in 10 minutes.

I see Boris has been saying the government should tell the British the positives of Brexit. I guess that'll be things like £350m a week for the NHS (and all the other stuff they've been busy back-tracking on since the vote) and the Economist Intelligence Unit projecting a 6% contraction by 2020, an 8% decline in investment, rising unemployment, falling tax revenues and public debt to reach 100% of our national output. You couldn't make it up, could you?

Continuing on the Brexit theme, it was inevitable that Farage would resign - Harry Enfield couldn't keep that comic creation going much longer.


  1. £1 = €1.17 Nice going that I have been watching it fall since 23rd June.Any idea of what it might be this time next week ?

    1. I can't believe the leavers when they say; "It's just a temporary thing and it'll be OK shortly." The buggers are deluded. Cognitive dissonance is setting in now.

  2. The Leavers were deluded and many of them are still. I think those who lead the campaign need to feel the full force of the law descend upon them - it is unfortunate that Treason was removed from the statute book all those years ago.