Monday, 25 July 2016

Sunday Green Kayaking

Can anyone recommend a decent Sunday newspaper? We take the Sunday Times. This is mainly because the accompanying Sunday Times Magazine used to have half decent and interesting articles; however, of late, the Sunday Times Magazine has descended to an intellectual par with its sister magazine, Style. It's all tittle-tattle, adverts and associated bollocks.

Spotted this over the weekend in Chipping Sodbury:

Is that what's called green motoring?

Went kayaking on the Avon with No.2 Son yesterday:

That's the 'doing embarrassing things with dad' stuff over for this year.


  1. VWs aren't as green as they think/say they are.

  2. The once good quality Sunday newspapers have gone and swallowed the financial bullet that advertising is more profitable than news.
    There is a similar vehicle over here that is covered in a fake grass material and sells organic smoothies.