Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Road Works

I was rather surprised last weekend when my 500SL clocked up the same fuel consumption as my 300SL on the journey to Clapham in Yorkshire, despite having an engine 2 litres larger. However, I realised that most of the journey had been at 50 mph through the interminable number of roadworks on the M5 and M6 and that must have had a dra.matic effect on the fuel consumption

We swung in at my brother's place in the Wirral on the way back home and my Waze satnav indicated I'd be quicker not going anywhere near the M6, so we took the scenic route via A roads through Welsh Wales, joining the M5 near Worcester. I guess the reasoning was that if you're going to be doing 50 mph for the majority of the route, you may as well be doing it on the shorter route.

It's obviously the EU's fault, or Mark Carney's, if the Daily Mail is to be believed (which it shouldn't be)....

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  1. 5O mph oh that used to be seen as the economical driving speed for most vehicles.
    For sheer divilment I rode a moped from Bath to Torquay and it took me only about half hour longer than my wife in her car - no motorways in those days. When she was driving through towns at 20mph I sailed along at 30mph !