Sunday, 31 July 2016

Overheard Print Rubbernecking

Overheard while watching Iron Man II:

Hay: "Mickey Rourke is the Axl Rose of the acting world."

Hay wanted to print something from her mobile this morning while still in bed. Our printer is kept in a cupboard in the living room, and as I head the printer burst into action I said to her that it was usual to open the cupboard door before printing so the paper doesn't crunch up. She ignored me, the reason being evidenced below:

She obviously knew from prior experience that the printer is lined up exactly with the bottom gap in the cupboard door.

Went to Weston Super-Mare yesterday with a couple of guys from the Village Hall Committee to drop off a marquee we had borrowed for the village Queen's Birthday event. On the way back we got caught up in an 11 mile traffic tailback caused by an accident on the M5 northbound carriageway between Weston Super-Mare and Clevedon. The motorway was shut for at least an hour as two cars were tackled by no less than 4 fire engines, 4 ambulances, an air ambulance and God knows how many police cars, all of which (with the obvious exception of the air ambulance) had sped past us down the hard shoulder from the Weston direction.

While we were sat in the queue we noticed that traffic on the southbound carriageway was sporadic, and once we managed to get past the accident we noticed why - rubbernecking.

I was using Waze as my navigation tool (all agreed we should have heeded its advice and taken the back route through Weston to Clevedon, rather than the motorway) and it proved extremely useful in that someone had put the accident on the Waze map and several comments by Waze users near the scene kept us up-to-date on events.

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