Monday, 17 October 2016

A and Spoons

Went to an Old School reunion dinner in Bournemouth on Saturday evening. Met up with an old friend who I rarely see - Josh. Josh was 3 years senior to me and was in his last year of A levels when I was in my first year of O levels.

Josh was the head of my mess table, meaning he had to control 6 cadets when having their meals in the mess hall. Josh was insistent on having his own teaspoon - teaspoons being in short supply. Becoming so pissed off with this demand, I wrote home and had my parents buy a teaspoon and have it engraved with Josh's name. We presented it to Josh on his final day at the school, in 1970 - and he still has it! It's a treasured memento. 

Josh ended up as Master of the superyacht A - just A - by way of Alfred Holt (the company I joined, but it was called Ocean Fleets by then), the British Antarctic Survey and the Sultan on Oman's Royal Yacht Squadron (Josh was a keen sailor). The A is owned by a Russian billionaire and looks more like a futuristic battleship than a superyacht.

See what I mean?


  1. God he can talk bull shit and piss people off... how he didn't get into a blue in the bar later is only down to his size.

    1. Now, now - play nicely. He's a Brexiteer, like you.