Friday, 28 October 2016

Android Pay Spectacle

Android Pay - anyone used it? Anything I need to be aware of?

Decided to clean my desk up a bit yesterday - it tends to get somewhat overpopulated by bits of paper, various cables, assorted vaping paraphernalia and dust. Anyway, I had a few pairs of old spectacles secreted in the cubbyholes and thought I'd sort them out and ascertain whether any of them were worth keeping as backups or could be taken to the local charity shop for distribution to myopic refugees. Got through some 3 pairs and alighted on a rather manky and unsavoury looking pair covered in dust. On trying them on I said to  myself; "These aren't perfect, but they don't feel too bad and I can see reasonably well with them, if not perfectly - perhaps I'll keep them." Needless to say, when I looked around for my usual pair I realised that the manky ones were in fact my usual pair - the very ones I'd taken off while inspecting the old ones and I'd failed to recognise them. Methinks I need a new pair of specs.

Was watching an old episode of The Avengers on TV last night - one with Linda Thorson as Tara King. Alan Wheatley was in it as a baddie. I always remember him as a suave and polished Sheriff of Nottingham in the 1950s TV series of The Adventures of Robin Hood with Richard Greene as Robin Hood. An excellent villain.

I must have watched re-runs, as I didn't move to the UK until 1961.

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  1. Da da de dadda de da de dah! Twang zonk. And the arrow went straight past a telegraph pole. For those who could slow down the pictures it did. Who made Marion?