Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cats' Whisker Wi-Fi Burqa

Quick jaunt over the Hamburg today, leaving two teenagers in charge of the house, as Hay is in Nice on business for the week.

Don't ask me why, but our neighbour's cats have taken to kipping next to the BT Wi-Fi router.

Whether it be the warmth, a comforting, ultrasound hum or the fact they're tuned into the 2.4GHz signal and downloading cat porn, I know not. Apparently it's quite common, although our own Kitty doesn't do it. These two are blokes though - or were.

Saw some post on Facebook yesterday about banning the burqa. The wearing of the burqa in France was extremely rare prior to the ban; since then it has gone exponential and the ban has become a red rag to a bull, Not only that, but ISIS are using the ban as a recruitment tool. Sheer stupidity and typical Lecteur de Courrier Quotidien stuff.

As people become older their lives become less relevant and meaningful, with the consequence that they retreat into a mythical past and keep muttering; "The country's going to the dogs," despite this being manifestly untrue. Lower crime, less poverty, better education, improved health, etc. Change frightens them, even change from which they are insulated. Little things get blown out of proportion as their influence declines.

The ironic thing is that Britain invaded half the world, imposing its culture and religion on the locals, and then the people that hark back to that very Empire have the nerve to say they don't like a few immigrants and their culture.

Statistically, people are in more danger form Type II diabetes than women in burqas; however, they're curiously reluctant to do anything about that though. If you're frightened of a woman in a burqa, you wouldn't have been much bloody use in running an empire, unless you were standing at the back urging the fearless on. Colonel Blimp and the Earl of Cardigan would turn in their graves. Doubly ironic is that these people are predominantly Brexiteers who revere glorious, yet utterly futile and doomed actions like the Charge of the Light Brigade (you can just imaging the good Earl stroking his magnificent whiskers [back to the whiskers] saying; "Total disaster, yes, but it'll teach those Roosians not to trifle with us - harrumph, what, what!").

I somehow suspect that not a single Brit would be upset by the people in the photo above confronting them on the tube in London, which just goes to prove something. I shan't say what, as it's bloody obvious.

I can't prove it, but I'd bet a pound to a pinch of poo that it's predominantly Christians who are anti-burqa and atheists couldn't really give a monkey's nut about the issue. The type of Christians who wear their religion on their sleeves and yet seem ignorant of Jesus' teachings.

Talking of Christians, Gay Cakegate got a result this week - the baker who refused to do a job for a gay couple had his appeal dismissed. Christians who maintain they are being persecuted seem to forget Jesus was a Jew and kept Jewish laws. Christians seem to cherry pick the laws that conform to their prejudices and conveniently forget the rest (dietary laws, the actual affirmation of the Covenant, etc.,) as they're either inconvenient or not acceptable in polite society. The anti-gay thing is one of the last bastions they are trying to defend under the pretense of religion, freedom of speech and the right to be a bigot. Some would say Jesus  made a new Covenant and the OT is redundant, but in that case, Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality or women being 2nd class citizens (in fact, the early Jerusalem church had female bishops) and the; "Let him who is without sin," saying trumps all.

If you hand't guessed, I'm feeling particularly anti-hypocrite today.


  1. I have to disagree with you about the country going to the dogs. Since Lucy came to live with us earlier this year, everything is going to the dog - my book-lined sanctuary, my food, my precious time, my sanity. She even ate my bloody Apple Pencil the other day - she's a damned pest (and she doesn't even wear a burqa)

  2. Apple pencil? Some new gadget from the Apple Empire?

    Here on Old Sodbury the country is going to the cats, literally.