Saturday, 22 October 2016

Brexit Buy British

Given the rancour between Brexiteers and Remainers, perhaps the UK should be partitioned like India in 1947. We could have Brexitstan - the nationalistic, inward looking, yet impoverished part filled with fundamentalists who hanker after a glorious but mythical past, and Remindia, an expanding land of vast riches, opportunity and free trade.

Here's a list of British cars. In the spirit of Brexit, the government should perhaps ditch the Mercs and BMWs in favour of a British manufactured car - but which should it be?
  • McLaren - would be nice, but impractical and a tad costly.
  • Rover - more Mrs Queen, and they haven't been the same since the P4B.
  • Bentley or Rolls - too vulgar these days.
  • Bristol - lots of prestige, but too sporty and cramped.
  • Morgan - mmmm.
  • Caterham - nice, but Mrs May's hair would suffer.
  • Jaguar - I suppose it has to be the Jag, but they're not what they used to be. Ideal for Brexit though - trading on heritage, but having lost a lot of prestige.

What's your suggestion, and why?


  1. A soap cart for Brexiteers or even a hand cart.
    Reliants for the rest.

    1. Going from being the largest UK manufacturer, Reliant is now a dormant company. Ah, I feel a hankering for the Empire at the mere mention of Reliant....

  2. Bentley are owned by Volkswagen, Jaguar-Landover by Tata but you forgot Aston Martin!

    1. True, but manufacturing is done in the UK.

    2. Does that mean we may buy a Nissan or Renault if made in the NE? Leave it to the Greens and we will be lucky to have a bike.

    3. Might still be worth buying a Merc - the way the £ is going, it will rise in price faster than the depreciation.